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Aggiungere un ID univoco ai box in partner directory

Salve, sarebbe molto utile aggiungere al codice HTML della pagina partner directory ( un ID univoco per ogni box partner così da permettere l'aggiunta di link esterni che puntino direttamente nella pagina alla propria card.

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  • Salve, sarebbe possibile aggiungere un ID univoco al codice HTML di ogni box partner nella pagina della partner directory ( Questo permetterebbe di creare link esterni che puntano direttamente alla propria card. Questa funzione sarebbe molto utile per migliorare l'accessibilità e la navigazione. Grazie!

  • Marco, Great suggestion to add unique IDs to partner boxes in the iubenda partner directory! This would allow partners to create external links pointing directly to their specific card. Here are two options to consider: Custom ID Attributes: A simple approach is adding a custom ID attribute to each partner box in the HTML. This creates unique IDs like "partner-box-1" and "partner-box-2" for each box. Partners can then use these IDs to link directly to their cards: You can find a guide on adding custom attributes to HTML elements here: Data Attributes: Alternatively, you can use the data-id attribute to store a unique ID for each partner box. Partners would then use JavaScript to retrieve the ID and create links. This approach offers more flexibility but requires some JavaScript knowledge. While I can't provide specific JavaScript code here, further resources on using data-id attributes can be found online. Both options simplify information sharing for partners and improve user experience. Implementing this might require code changes and updating partner documentation, but the benefits outweigh the effort.

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  • Iubenda currently doesn't allow adding unique IDs to partner directory boxes. This makes it difficult to link directly to a specific partner's page from an external source.

    There are a few workarounds while they develop a native solution:

    Use HTML anchors with unique IDs within each box. You can then link to the partner's page using the anchor's ID in the URL.Utilize URL parameters. Add a "partner-id" parameter to the directory URL, with a unique value for each partner. This allows linking to specific partners through the URL with the parameter.



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