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I am having issues with implementing Iubenda script in my nextjs application.

Hey, I have a Nextjs application in which I need to implement Iubenda script. 

but I cannot use all the properties such as if I use


 the popup doesn't show up. but if I remove that, it comes though but after clicking on agree or disagree, a widget becomes visible under the footer and it cannot be hidden in any way. 

here is the widget:


I've figured out that this below property is occuring that widget to be visible always and if i remove this, the widget doesn't show up anymore. 



 need to implement it within 2 to 3 days. and there is no documentation available regarding "implementing iubenda with nextjs 13"


  • Thank you.

    I have the same issue.

    Any ideas?

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  • Not yet.. If you get something handy.. please share with me. I'll do the same

  • I am facing same issue 

  • Hope that they'll release something regarding this issue soon.

  • Not quite yet. Please share anything useful you find with me. I'll follow suit.


  • Hi everyone,

    should you find yourself in a similar situation as in in the example provided above by the original poster, we believe there may be some slight confusion on how our solution works. If the banner does not appear, it may be because you're in a region/location which does not require your banner to be visible. That said, given the information provided here, this does not seem to be related to an nextjs implementation issue.

    We hope this has been helpful, if anything remains unclear or if any of you should require further assistance, we kindly ask you to reach out to us in our chat support or by sending a request to

    All the best,



  • give me any solution.

  • same issue  how can i sove it kindly guide us

  • Hi,

    even if this is not an official procedure, on github you can find this free nextjs integration for iubenda, developed by the community:

    I guess it can suit your scenario

    Hope it helps!