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Customization Options for Privacy Policies?

Hi iubenda Community, are there ways to customize the privacy policy generated by iubenda for my website thegamesdownload? Thanks!

  • Hi there, 
    when looking to perform customizations, the range of motion depends on what tweaks we are specifically looking to make. Some are easier while others may prove to be a bit more demanding. We'd like to think however that our Privacy and Cookie policy already is optimized for some more elaborate changes. To learn more about this we welcome you to have a look at our guide here: and on how you can customize services here:

    In addition to this there's additional parameters you can tweak to adjust the behavior of the Privacy and Cookie policy here:
    I hope this has been helpful, and of course, if you have any questions or additional features you'd like to see, please feel free to reply here, or to write to our customer support team at

    All the best,
  • Hello,                                                                   

    Having a cookie link in the privacy policy that goes off site, and then having a separate cookie policy with a lot of the same information as the privacy policy is odd. If you put both on one page, you end up with duplicate sections, and two "Definitions and legal references" sections at the end of both policy's. I was going to just copy the text from my live site and add it back after editing it but you lose all the links to the third party apps and also lose the ability to push future edits live easily. Any progress about this? 

  • Creating a privacy policy is a crucial step for any website or application to inform users about how their data toonkois collected, used, and protected. While the content of a privacy policy is standardized to some extent, you have some customization options to tailor it to your specific circumstances.

  • Thanks' great information.

  • Thank you for the explanation Sahar Amini.

  • Hello everybody is it also possible not to show without user consent? I hope I could explain it clearly.
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