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cookie banner always shown

Hi, I installed iubenda on my wordpress dashboard... I have Pro account and I set up every options.

In my site the banner is Ok, but it is required every time you enter the page (even on the same page if, for example, I refresh the page). Basically every time I return to any page of my site (even the same one) it asks me to consent to cookies.

I kindly ask how to request cookie consent only once.

Thanks a lot

  • same problem

  • Hello everyone,

    This issue is rare and can be caused because of multiple issues, this is why it is crucial for us to know the URL of the website that is experiencing this issue, and preferably any kind of additional information regarding your setup.

    In this case the issue was caused by an advanced setting within the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution generator, "Validity period of user’s consent preferences (days)", which was set to 0 meaning that the banner needs to reappear with each refresh. Also, the GDPR mandates that you can store this consent for a minimal of 180 days.

    Another issue could be any kind of free domain URL, like with Shopify for example ( In this case you should add the following parameter to your embedded Cookie Solution script:

    This should ensure that your cookie banner won't reappear on each separate webpage or refresh.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply here, or to write to our customer support team at


  • Thanks

  • I am not fluent in coding for web but do know programming.  So I always need to know the exact instructions to fix something.

    I think I solved it using the suggestions but the actual implementation involved putting the required text in the region of code anywhere after the bracket for _iub.csConfiguration = . Just make sure to pair things that have a colon between two text objects like the pair below and follow punctuation of commas.

    _iub.csConfiguration = {"askConsentAtCookiePolicyUpdate":true,

    For the period of user content... the code to put in is: "preferenceCookie":{"expireAfter":160}, where the 160 can be changed to whatever number of days you need to put in.

    For the free site issue..."localConsentDomain":"", example is the name you wrote for your site.

  • The cookie banner may reappear due to unsaved preferences. It could be a GTM implementation issue (fixed by adjusting GTM settings) or a problem where the banner is deleted shortly after being set, causing it to reappear upon page reload.

  • I have 2 websites in Joomla 4.

    By using the plugin for Joomla, the cookie banner works well on one of the websites, but on the other one the banner shows up again when the page has been reloaded. What I can see is that in the second case, there are no cookies for the user preference.

    I tried the option preference cookie":{"expireAfter":160} but without success.

    I don't have GTM

    Any advice will be appreciated




  • Hi Daniela,

    please check your script, maybe you have "skipSaveConsent":true in your script.

    Please delete this parameter or set it to false

    Hope this helps