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Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic

No Nordic langauges???

3 people have this question
  • Hello Torgrim,

    The most wanted language from the Nordic languages is Swedish and here you can join the conversation and give support. Please check this page for Swedish support;




  • Hi!

    I'm happy to inform you that we have completed the addition of Swedish and Danish to the languages supported by our generator. 

    Adding new languages is one of iubenda’s main concerns. We decide to add a new language depending on the amount of requests we receive. If you are interested in Norwegian, Finnish, and Icelandic, you can contribute to this topic by upvoting this request so that it can acquire higher priority. I'm going to update this thread as soon as I have more information regarding these features.

    Kind Regards,



  • Hello Angel, 

    Thank you. How about Finnish? I would like Finnish to be added as well but earlier it was told that Finnish and Estonian aren't not in the plan for long term. I would like to know how about now. 


  • Hi Magnus!

    I don't have an update just yet for the addition of Finnish or Estonian. Once I receive more information on the plans for these features, I will update the thread.

    I truly appreciate your patience on this!

    Kind Regards,



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