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Would be possible to add Tapjoy to services list?

Hi Sergio, adding it to our list for consideration and potential integration. In the meantime you can add it yourself with a custom service, like this > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Let me know if this helps? Simon
  • Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply. I've added as a custom service, and in description I've added the link to their privacy policy. Anyway, would be great if you add to your services list to make iubenda even better. Thanks, and best regards, Sergio.
  • Hi Sergio, ok well done. It's likely that it'll be there down the road. Just allow for some time for it to happen. When it's done, this thread will be updated. Do you have any other questions? Best, Simon
  • I don't have more questions. Thanks :)
  • Tapjoy (ads) is missing in list. Can you add it please?
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