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Wix Cookie Solution Plugin

Please offer a Wix plugin to enable integration of the cookie solution.

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  • Thanks I Applied on my website its work fine now.

  • Make your own ways for solving your problems. Now, this is 2021, who is using Wix. Make a website on WordPress like and use the wp rocket plugin for the cache. It helps you a lot in creating a cache of your website in browsers.


  • i am also facing the same issues and i hope someone will guide me with proper instructions. Maybe someone will help me as well. Thanks

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  • I am also  facing the same issues and looking for a proper guidance. Maybe someone will help me as well. Thank

  • its working. thanks.


    I also experienced a similar problem and I have been looking for a solution for the same.

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.This is very useful for me.

  • Still looking for solution. Anyone here who can provide me updated one?

  • I was facing the same problem a few weeks back, and need a solution to fix it. Can anyone guide me?

  • You can use wordpress. Which is more Perfect and eye catching design available in market. I also build my cash website on wordpress.

  • thank you sir for your info keep shared with us, I'm using is this safe?

  • cookie consent banner is a notification that informs your visitors on how their cookies are being used on your site.

  • I finally got the solution for my website and now it is working fine for me. Thanks

  • What is this file
  • Wix uses cookies for important reasons, such as: to provide a better experience for your guests and customers. To identify your registered members (users who have registered on your site). To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix platform.

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